Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kefir - Spoonable Yogurt

So, if you've been reading, and you've gotten the hang of plain kefir, you can easily make kefir that's spoonable just like regular yogurt.

After you drain the kefir off the grains the only other step you have to do is to strain the kefir through a coffee filter for 12-24 hours in the fridge to thicken it.  What happens when the kefir is strained through the coffee filter is that the whey seeps out and the kefir thickens into a nice yogurt consistency.  If too much of the whey drips out while it sits over night, just stir a little at a time back in until it's the consistency you wish.

The yogurt will be tart and tangy and may have a good bit of pucker power.  Add in some honey, some vanilla and sugar, some jam - whatever flavors you like and make yourself a great refreshing treat.

Don't discard the whey!  You can use it to soak grains, beans, oatmeal (makes a pleasantly sweet and tangy oatmeal), and even use it to make gjetost or mytost - but I haven't done it yet.  That's one of the next things up on my list.

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