Monday, January 17, 2011

CSA Farm Share

So, we just joined a CSA the first of the year.  We just picked up our first share at Portage River Farms on Saturday.  Lots of greens this time of year.  We're hoping it's a great fit for us.

This week we got:

Broccoli Rabe

Looking forward to a great salad or two as we were told that greens this time of year (because of the cold) are better raw than cooked.  Sweeter once the cold hits them :-)

So far we've had one huge lovely salad and looking forward to a few more this week.  Kids are learning to eat salad - other than the "good bits" out of the lettuce ;-)

I know they're looking for more people to join their CSA family, if anyone in my area is interested...  More posts as we get further into this whole thing.

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