Sunday, January 30, 2011

Glove Elephants

Found this idea at this blog and thought I could make something similar for my girls.  We made a couple of them last week - only took about 15-20 mins with kid help.  Probably wouldn't take as long with out

Here's what we did:

Materials List

1 cheap stretch glove per elephant
Small ish piece of fleece (or felt) cut into heart shape with the bottom tip cut off
bunch of dried beans to "stuff"
Crochet cotton or thread of similar color to glove for stitching closed
Embroidery thread or Crochet cotton of contrasting color for eyes/mouth

Take 1 cheap stretch glove (we got ours at JoAnns for $1 a pair) and turn the cuff inside.  Fill to the top with dried beans being sure to stuff beans well down into the fingers and thumb.  The thumb will become the trunk; the fingers, the legs.

Once you have the elephant all stuffed to your liking, stitch the opening closed using the blanket stitch and a doubled thread.  I started at the trunk end and went toward the back so that the extra thread at the end (I used crochet cotton) could be poked out the back, tripled back on itself and knotted at both ends to form the tail.

Take some more crochet cotton and stitch on the ears at the top edge where you sewed the body closed.  I just used a regular "in and out" running stitch.

Next use some contrasting embroidery thread or crochet cotton to make some French knot eyes.  I used about 4 French knots per eye just going back and forth between each eye inside to make them.

Lastly, I took the 4 legs and stitched two to one side and two to the other side of the elephant on the bottom.  Took index and ring finger to one side and middle and pinky to the other.  Makes them sit better.

That's it, you're done - now go play with your bean-y elephant.

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