Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CSA Farm Share #2

Got our 2nd farm share last week.  Tasty greens - spinach and another green (forget what it is, but it's tasty!)  Also got eggs - fresh from the farm! and 2 types of dried beans.  Light red kidney beans and some tuxedo beans (they look like cows to me - black and white spots).

The girls and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at the farm on Tuesday sorting beans (4 kinds), playing with the new goat, Allie, and Fin the very big dog.  Allie is living in the house due to some complications, so she's a lot of fun.  When we were there she was only 6 days old - it'll be interesting to see her this week when she's over 2 weeks old and to compare how she's grown.  I should have snapped some pictures of the girls and the goat last week but I forgot :-/  I'll attempt to remember for next time.

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