Thursday, March 10, 2011

Soy Nut Butter

I made soy nut butter the other day in an attempt to not give myself any mouth sores from the peanut butter.    So far my girls don't seem to have the issue, but if I eat too much peanut butter, well, ouch...

So I had some dried soy beans that I had originally purchased for attempting to make soy milk (which I did, but I still don't like the taste very well).  I took some and put them in a pan with some water and salt and boiled them a bit to soften them.  Once the water had all boiled off I put in a few more dried soy beans and some oil and toasted them all up to a nice golden brown.  They popped a bit like popcorn as their skins split in the heat.

Once they were all brown I dumped them into my food processor and pulsed them until they were a nice fine crumb.  I added a couple Tbsp of sugar and about at tsp of salt and pulsed that in, too.  Once I was happy with the crumbliness I set the food processor to run and added some vegetable oil (not much, just a bit to help with creaminess) then continued to run the machine and added some cool water until the soy beans pureed into a slightly smooth yet chunky "butter".

I scooped the warm soy nut butter out of the processor and put it in containers to chill in the fridge.  For lunch I took it out and made great "peanut butter" and jelly sandwiches.  Then took it a step further and melted some chocolate and made "peanut butter" cups.  Those were a huge hit with the girls (and daddy, too, I think).

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